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I have been in hiding….time for a reboot!

Posted on March 3rd, 2019

Hello again,

I have been absent from my everyday life for a couple of weeks.

The question today is, what is of true value and are you living your best self?

Astrologically things are shifting significantly . Major planets are moving into a new sign.
This may sound like a foreign language to many people but these planetary shifts do effect our life on a global scale. Some may think that what happens in the solar system has no effect on us, but all you have to do is look at how the moon effects the tides.

According to Karyl Jackson, a very knowledgeable astrologer

“Our true spiritual essence, purpose and passion will evolve according to the information that is coming into the picture, This New Era requires that inner and outer balance occur. This balance will bring our self and values into our new life, as transparency reveals our true inner essence.”

I am sharing a simplified message without all the technical information of what planets are doing what. Planets like Mercury (rules communication and information} and Uranus { rules sudden life changes and earth quakes} are all highlighted as they make their way in the solar system. “March becomes a time that our spiritual blueprints adjust our environment, direction, and journey. So many changes will begin to occur as prompted by this important shift.”

How do I deal with these changes? How does this effect me? I ask myself questions, like, “am I doing all that I can to bring the most value to my life?” if not, what more can I add or subtract? Sometimes the answers can be uplifting sometimes I realize that changes are necessary.

I am at an age now that I value each day in a way I never would have thought of in my youth.
Although even in my younger years I was always searching for the “truth” at all ages it is of benefit to ask ourselves these questions as none of us know when our life will end.

Some changes I have made have been scary and difficult, but I have made them with no regret. Changes bring growth, sometimes in ways we least expect them.

It may be much more in our comfort level to just walk in our life asleep. Moving through our days and years not happy, not sad, just moving like robots that have been programmed. Following a script put in by a programmer, we call that our life.

It is much more challenging and hard conscious work to live an examined life. It is also more rewarding and empowering to make conscious choices and reevaluate our old choices. We all change over the years if we are awake. What worked for us in the past may not be what enhances our life now.

My gift to you today is to encourage you to wake up and inspect your life. Are you happy? Do you feel fulfilled? What do you need? What do you have to do to own yourself and be the most you can be? Write down these questions and answer them truthfully.

Love and Blessings, Malka

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Written by Malka Golden-Wolfe

Malka Golden-Wolfe, Ph.D., LMFT, has been enlightening people with her insights and wisdom for over 42 years. She was educated in a traditional university setting and has also been trained in Native American Teachings, Goddess Traditions and Kabbalah. She is a very experienced facilitator, speaker and teacher who, for decades, has mentored, counseled and inspired women, men, teens and families internationally. As a psychotherapist, medicine woman, writer, artist, psychic, healer and wise woman, her life’s work is to serve the Divine Source through spreading wisdom, understanding and awakened consciousness.

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