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Talks & Workshops

Malka offers an eclectic variety of talks and workshops based on her vast life experience. Her live events are uplifting, entertaining and interactive. Through words, images and meditation, she weaves a magical web, informing, inspiring and activating you to a greater truth inside you.

Potential topics:

How to Meditate and Read Energy

Find the right style of meditation for you and learn to feel, read and transmit energy.

Mysteries of the Kabbalah Revealed

A mystical interpretation of the Kabbalah based on Malka’s 22 paintings of the Hebrew alphabet.

Connect with The Divine Feminine

Discover the many faces of the Goddess and experience the divine feminine energy with Malka, one of the foremothers of the Goddess movement.

Malka Golden-Wolfe

Transformational Alchemy ™

Transformational Alchemy™ is both a powerful and subtle form of therapy. Its subtlety is in the fact that it works on many levels, from etheric through spiritual and emotional to physical and continues to operate long after the actual session/workshop has finished.

Each session/workshop presents this approach in a potent and distilled form. It encourages autonomy in the client by challenging you to first acknowledge and accept total responsibility for your condition and so then realize YOU have the power to transform it. As this work involves taking a clear and true look inside yourself at areas you may never have chosen to visit, it can often cause temporary feelings of disorientation and some chaos whilst your many ‘bodies’, (spiritual, emotional and physical), ‘catch up’ with your freest, boldest and wisest self, your ‘etheric’ body.

Meeting your most powerful self can be a startling experience. I recommend that after each session/workshop, for at least 13 days, you are very gentle and nurturing with yourself, make as much quiet time for yourself as possible. Take baths with sea salt or rose, lavender or jasmine oil – I will be happy to suggest a formula which I think will best suit you during this time.

Observe all changes and reactions with non-attachment and non-judgement, old fears and paradigms are slowly released from your body as you break through and out of all your old taboos, allowing yourself to be completely liberated.

619 Commercial Ave. Suite 18
Anacortes, WA 98221
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