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Excerpts from Malka: A Total Celebration
(A Survival Manual)

Malka Golden-Wolfe

Ramblings of the 70’s. A synthesis of Eastern and Western Religion and my life into the late 70’s, written from a very spiritually-enlightened and excited space. All but the first chapter, about my life, was recorded during talks and transcribed later for publication.

Who Are You?

Are you the person who always succeeds and gets what they want or are things constantly going wrong for you? Do things that you don’t like always happen to you? Are you the cause in your life? Or are you the victim?

Are you the “Bread Winner?” the “Housewife,” the “Mother,” the “Professional?” How do you see yourself? Are you only one role, or many?

What kind of image do you give to the world at large? How do you want to be thought of? Take a minute right now and consider these questions.

Success is in Your Mind

Malka Golden-Wolfe

Success is the experience of being successful. Whatever you do, if you feel that you have done it successfully … then you are a success

Sex, the Driving Force

You can use your own sexual energy to transform yourself. You can use your own sexual energy to express yourself creatively in everything you do. Sexual energy is the strongest energy there is. It’s instinctual, raw energy. It’s the boiling cauldron in the earth, fire in the Universe. It’s all the stars and all the Universes and all the pulsations are right there between your legs and you can use it creatively as if it were rocket fuel.


There is nothing in this life more meaningful, or of greater importance, then the practice of meditation. It is only through quieting the mind and senses, and learning to direct the consciousness inward, one’s divinity, can be experienced. In this experience called, Samadhi, nirvana, enlightenment, Goddess-God consciousness, Universal Mind. Peace, knowledge, and bliss become realities. As long as one remains ignorant of the Soul Self, illness, anxiety, frustration, sorrow, restlessness, and insecurity will prevail; without Soul recognition, there can be no fulfillment.

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