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Enpowering your life!

Posted on January 6th, 2019

Today, I felt the the expansion of myself.

I know some people measure themselves and their success by how much money they have in the bank or how big their house is, or  how much  they own. OR, or, or. You get the picture. They measure by outside manifestations of success.

I used to think that I would really feel great about myself if I was able to do all that for myself.
I did all that, then gave it all up.  Why because it did not really fill the hole I was trying to fill.
In my thirities I had pulled myself up from the life I came from. I finished most of my formal  education lived in Malibu California and had a thriving practice as a Therapist. I still had the emptiness within.
I wrote a book about this part of my life when I was 37.

The last several years, I have been seeing my true fortune. Today was a snapshot of my true legacy.
I started out In the morning and drove to Oak Harbor to see my Son and daughter-in law, visiting from Eastern WA. They were staying with my Grandson, his wife and my 10th great grandchild, Jimmy.

I was overwhelmed by all the love, all the joy seeing three generations of my DNA and all the possibilities of the future for them. After having breakfast and holding Jimmy for 2 hours I left to drive a mere 1/2 mile to see my first grandchild a granddaughter.  She was home with her youngest child, my great Granddughter, who is 5, Angel face, is what I call her.  She is full of life’s possibilities, innocent joy and hope.
I don’t ever remember feeling like she does. My heart just kept expanding, all day long.

In the late afternoon, I drove to La Connor to see my daughter and last grandchild, my 16 year old grandson.  He had his tonsils out the day before and was feeling really crummy. He was so happy to see me and perked up. In the course of my visit we were all sitting on his bed and we began talking about our past. We were all able to share our perception of our childhood and the challenges we had to overcome to get to where we are. I did a healing on my grandson and saw a shift of his health.

The incredible intimacy of the day with all my generations left me in awe  and expanded as I was driving home to light the Sabbath candles with my wife.
Incredible love, my day was filled with graditude.

What is of value? What will you need to feel fulfilled? How will you expand yourself?  I invite you to write these questions and answers down on a piece of paper. Contemplate and ask yourself if that will really make you whole.  Will that empower your life?  Will that expand your value?
Save the paper and read it again every day for 8 days then put it away and read it in 3 months.

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Written by Malka Golden-Wolfe

Malka Golden-Wolfe, Ph.D., LMFT, has been enlightening people with her insights and wisdom for over 42 years. She was educated in a traditional university setting and has also been trained in Native American Teachings, Goddess Traditions and Kabbalah. She is a very experienced facilitator, speaker and teacher who, for decades, has mentored, counseled and inspired women, men, teens and families internationally. As a psychotherapist, medicine woman, writer, artist, psychic, healer and wise woman, her life’s work is to serve the Divine Source through spreading wisdom, understanding and awakened consciousness.

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