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Creating the life you want!

Posted on January 14th, 2019

Ever since I was a very young girl I became aware that I had the power to create my experiences. I didn’t have the power to manage my life, but I had the ability to influences my experience in it. Sink or swim.  I swam.

I used to watch my older sister, talk back to our father and get in trouble. She would get yelled at and spanked. She would take his liquor then lie. I did not understand why she always antagonized him. My father could be very cruel.  She ended up marrying two different men that were abusive.
I wanted none of that.

I used that as information of what not to do.  I was “daddy’s good girl” the smart one “sharp as a tack” he would tell people.  I was, I knew how to survive. That part of me that watched and listened showed me in many ways, how not to behave.  I was also taught who not to marry! and how not to be a parent. How lucky  for my children.

So what about you? have you learned to create the life you want? I have had clients that continue to do the very thing that always causes stress, why? because they get addicted to the feeling. It is known, safe.

It is normal to make mistakes, but if we continue the same mistakes we are broadcasting to the world and the universe that this is the life we want. The life we create.

You can change what does not work for you,  if you are willing to see yourself objectivily as if you were assessing someone elses life. When you see something you are doing is not getting the results you want, ask yourself,
“what can I do different” Then try the new behavior, see if things improve or change. If not don’t give up, ask yourself again “what do I need to change to get the results I want.”

We have personal power. Power to think and feel what we want. Power to change who we are. Power to create the life we want. It takes effort, wishing and hoping is not going to get it.  Action, effort, determination is what makes it happen.

You are much stronger than you think, believe in yourself.  Because, if you put forth the action, effort and determination you will get confirmation of your own WILL  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Write down the life you want in your journal. Write down what action you need to take to achieve your goal. Use your effort and determination to move ahead. Create the life you want.

keep notes on your progress.
with love and blessings, Malka

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Written by Malka Golden-Wolfe

Malka Golden-Wolfe, Ph.D., LMFT, has been enlightening people with her insights and wisdom for over 42 years. She was educated in a traditional university setting and has also been trained in Native American Teachings, Goddess Traditions and Kabbalah. She is a very experienced facilitator, speaker and teacher who, for decades, has mentored, counseled and inspired women, men, teens and families internationally. As a psychotherapist, medicine woman, writer, artist, psychic, healer and wise woman, her life’s work is to serve the Divine Source through spreading wisdom, understanding and awakened consciousness.

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